EDIT MY IMAGE : Newborn Composite Editing Background service

EDIT MY IMAGE : Newborn Composite Editing Background service

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Don't have the skills/knowledge/time/software to composite your own photo?
No worries! We'll do it for you!
Just send us your photo, and tell us your chosen composite that you want to use.

Purchase "EDIT MY IMAGE" for complete editing services of ONE Digital Composite from our store.

Before you purchase this product, please read these instructions, terms and conditions:

1. You are purchasing our time and post production expertise, to compose your own newborn/baby photo, onto our digital backdrops.
2. Choose your own existing photograph that you want to use with one of our Digital composites.
3. Your existing photo must be a similar pose and lighting, to what we show with our composites, that will work with your chosen Digital Composite purchase. If the pose in your photo is not going to work, or is photographed at a different angle, we will offer advice on an alternative that we think will work, or refund your purchase if we cannot complete it.
4. Please choose a photograph of your own, which is similar in lighting and posing. We can only do "so much" post production work to blend your photo with our composite to make it look realistic. If your photo is out of focus, soft, blurry, hazy, too over/underexposed, or poorly lit, we cannot guarantee to edit your photograph or product an adequate Jpeg product. We will do basic skin retouching and remove scratches/blemishes if needed.
5. You will receive ONE (1) flattened Jpeg composited file with your own photograph. You will NOT receive our blank backdrop as well.
6. Please contact us BEFORE ordering, if you want to send a different backdrop from another company. We will happily edit your photos with backdrops purchased elsewhere.
7. We will edit photos at our discretion. If we feel photos cannot be edited, or are poorly produced, we will advise you and refund your order.
8. Due to the nature of the product, we do NOT provide refunds on completed, edited photographs that have been sent back to you. We will however provide you with ONE (1) edited version if necessary.
9. Your edited digital file is NOT permitted to be entered into competition or to be judged in return for awards, money or other.
10. We will not be held responsible for printing or colour correction issues. No refunds apply.
11. You will not receive a Physical item however $0 shipping will apply to your order. You will receive an edited Digital Jpeg file.
12. We will happily edit more than 1 photo for you. If you want more than one, please specify at checkout. For example, if you are ordering 3 digital edited files, please order 3 x "Edit My Photos" and then email us with your 3 photographs.

1. Purchase and pay for "Edit My Image"
2. Please EMAIL YOUR PHOTOGRAPH TO US. Use Dropbox for large files. Please send your largest file

** EMAIL YOUR PHOTO TO lacecloud61@gmail.com or message us with questions.

3. Tell us which composite background you want to use with your photo.

4. We will receive your order and email you within 24 hours to confirm your order, and give you an estimated time that your file will be completed (usually within 24-48 hours, however subject to change).
5. You will receive your completed, edited file via email.

Please contact us before purchase with any queries. We look forward to editing your photographs!

Thank you very much for shopping with LaceCloudStudio